FREE: PokIt v0.7.0

PokIt is a new way to search the internet and a FREE One Click screen and soon file, video, sound capture, broadcasting utility. It is very modular and it allows to easy write plugins. One of the benefits is that it uses only 800 KB memory(XP) when running - less than some Windows processes.
1 .Press Alt+3 2 .Select part of Screen 3 .Check your clipboard (Ctrl+V) ;)

What's New?

Pokit v0.7.0 released!
PokIt v0.7.0 Changes:
:: New way to search the internet
:: Marker bug fixed
:: generates short links and forum markup
:: Online image editor powerd by pixlr

[12.06.2011] Pokit v0.6.6 released!
PokIt v0.6.6 Changes:
:: Delete image from web hosting - History
:: New domain, Faster hosting 99,98% uptime
:: FIX: Toolbar visible in fullscreen capture
:: FIX: Toolbar in right buttom corner inaccessible

[16.05.2011] Pokit v0.6.5 released!
PokIt v0.6.5 Changes:
:: AutoSave option and new History
:: FIX: Image rewrite/ upload fail in MFC plugin
:: FIX: Image rewrite/ upload fail in MFC plugin
:: FIX: Windows 7 support
[08.05.2010] Pokit 0.6.0

[29.07.2008] Pokit v0.5a released!
PokIt v0.5 Changes:
:: FIX: Image Freeze after Save to disk
:: FIX: Temp files cleaner
:: FIX: Full screen selection menubar was visible
:: FIX: Settings title added and redesigned
:: FIX: Error that occurs sometimes when closing PokIt fixed
:: ADD: Modular Upload Plugins and Plugin Manager
:: ADD: History in images and extended to 9 records
:: ADD: Progress bar when uploading and better upload error handling and retry. The upload process is now async.
:: ADD: New upload services
:: ADD: Upload Services auto download - update services automatically through the application.
:: ADD: Sample plugins - source code

About PokIt

PokIt is a FREE One Click screen, file, video, sound capture/web broadcasting utility. It is very modular and it allows to easy write plugins.
The application has been designed to be simple, fast and resource optimized (it uses only 800 KB memory when running less than some Windows processes).

PokIt Features:
:: Capture to clipboard, web, save, print
:: AutoSave fullscreen capture
:: Local upload history - browser
:: Delete from web hosting/ history
:: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP support
:: Drawing tools
:: Ultra fast and low memory/resource usage- Made in MFC C++

PokIt is Clean!

PokIt enables users to make their own plugins for Upload Services or host their own private PokIt Upload Service.
For this purpose we have made few Template plugins and a Step-by-Step tutorial so you don't need to be a programmer to develop your own plugin!
The plugin templates are available in C# and MFC C++.
You can use the the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition (with VC++ EE and C# EE) for development.

Plugin resoruces:
:: Step by Step Tutorial: C# | MFC C++
:: C# Plugin Template
:: MFC C++ Plugin Template
:: Community Forum: Development